Sheila Lam

Sheila Lam

With more than 15 years of journalism experience, Sheila has been a veteran the technology media space. Her technology journalism career began in 2000, when she was covering the Internet business market at Sheila first joined Computerworld Hong Kong (CWHK) in 2002 as a senior reporter and has made her way back in 2011 as Editor and later become Editor-in-Chief in 2014. She leads the magazine’s content development and editorial directions. As editor-in-chief, Sheila also manages the magazine’s growing digital strategy and represents the publication in different industry events as moderator.

Stories by Sheila Lam

Demystifying AI

Ask any IT executives about the hottest enterprise IT topic and the sexiest job in 2017, the answers are like to be artificial intelligence (AI) and data scientist.  But according to...

eSports as a goldmine for data analytics

Electronic video gaming has extended from being a hobby into a serious sports and business. Earlier this year, eSports officially became a medal event in the 2022 Asian Games. Within Hong Kong,...

A makeover for HK’s data platform

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is announcing her first policy address next week. As IT leaders expect new policies to drive technology development and education, data is expected to play a...