Australian gov't handed A$100M in cloud contracts since 2015

More than $100 million worth of government cloud services contracts have been awarded since 2015, with channel partners front and center of such deals.

Following the launch of the Cloud Services Panel three years ago, more than 201 opportunities have been handed to providers by government agencies.

According to the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), which runs the procurement body, the panel has more than 170 providers and offers more than 500 products and services.

In addition, 91 agencies have released quote requests through the panel,1,300 government users have registered.

First established by the Department of Finance in 2015, the Cloud Services Panel has been managed by the DTA since 2017.

Covering platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service, optimization and integration, the panel operates on a two-year rotation, though providers have the option of renewing for a further two.

The first panel, as reported by Computerworld, comprised of 49 companies.

Upon opening for sellers again in 2017, 40 new suppliers joined the panel, which were announced in batches on 25 January 2017, 2 February, 8 February and on 6 March, when Citadel Group, Axios Systems, TLS Consulting and Oper8 joined.

Earlier this year, the DTA said it had opened the panel for new sellers of cloud products and services ahead of its next rotation in March 2019.

From next year, the panel will open every three months and, according to the DTA, will use online submissions and agile evaluation methods to make joining the panel simpler and faster.


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