Embracing cloud in film production and fintech

Companies invest in cloud services to grow their business (image iStockPhoto/MF3d)

At the recent Huawei Cloud Summit 2019, Korean special effects company Macrograph and China’s fintech company 9F International Holdings shared their experience in using Huawei Cloud services.

Cloud rendering in film production

Macrograph specializes in providing visual effects (VFX) or computer graphics (CG) services to the entertainment industry particularly in gaming and film production. The company was involved in the production of China’s blockbuster movies such as Mermaid, Operation Red Sea, and The Wandering Earth.

In creating visual effects for these three movies, Macrograph said they require at least 10,000 hours and more than 100 VFX artists for every movie to create VFX shots, 3D modeling, and 3D rendering shots. Take the latest China’s homegrown science fiction movie The Wandering Earth as an example, it required 3,000 VFX artists, 2,000 VFX shots, 2000 3D rendering shots, involving 250,000 hours in rendering.

It may take several years to render a whole film if Macrograph only uses its own rendering facilities.

Cloud rendering is a solution for special effect production. It helps visual effects companies like Macrograph to take advantage of massive computing power to perform rendering in less time.

Macrograph chose Huawei Cloud to support it in improving rendering efficiency. The cloud service provider offers CPU resources, high-volume storage and a fast network environment, helping Macrograph complete rendering in less time, save manpower and material costs.

Macrograph believes cloud-based VFX is the future of special effects production. "It facilitates the sharing of hardware resources, data and assets, as well as experience, manpower, and know-how,” said Zhang Wenjia of the strategic planning office at Macrograph.

The special effects company is able to connect data and special effects working group through the cloud platform. Special effects directors, artists, and producers can benefit from the special effect production services on the cloud and do rendering at any time and at any location.

“On a VFX platform, all project tasks can be executed on the cloud. Communication and collaboration between directors, developers, and artists can be done in real time, thereby improving the cooperation and development process pipeline,” Wenjia said.

AI & security in fintech

9F International Holdings provides an array of financial products and services across online lending, wealth management, and payment facilitation. The company expanded its business into Hong Kong in 2016.

The fintech company adopts “AI in all” strategy in its products and services such as remote onboarding of customers, robot advisors, and customer service centers.

9F uses facial recognition, biometric login, and voice recognition in remote account opening. AI and machine learning technologies are leveraged to do credit analysis of customers. Robot advisors are used to assist customers in making investment decisions. Chabot is deployed to interact with customers.

Digital customer experience may have opened the door to more security risks. Financial institutions need to increase their cybersecurity. 9F selected Huawei Cloud to achieve security protection while innovating its financial services.

“Huawei Cloud supports us in achieving cybersecurity compliance and delivery efficiency,” said Raymond Chan, managing director at 9F International Holdings.

Huawei Cloud provides services in different categories including security, AI, and hybrid cloud Huawei Cloud Stack. Security products include anti-DDoS, disaster recovery, 24x7 security network operation center, and cyber threat intelligence services.

Chan added that Huawei’s full-stack cloud services and local service team reduce total cost of ownership and offer key SLA insurance to 9F. “They can give us the support that we really need as a financial institution.”

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