HGC launches multi-cloud connect service with Megaport

HGC Global Communications has teamed with Megaport to offer a multi-cloud connectivity service (Image Just_Super / iStockPhoto)

HGC Global Communications has entered a collaboration with network-as-a-service provider Megaport to launch a multi-cloud connectivity service for its customers.

The Multi-cloud Connect Service (MCCS) will provide HGC customers with a direct connection to Megaport's ecosystem of more than 300 cloud service providers, which includes major players including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Under the collaboration, existing HGC MetroNET customers will be able to activate the service and connect to the MCCS platform by using their current local technology and a virtual LAN.

HGC customers will be provided the ability to connect to multiple cloud regions through a single HGC interconnection point, while avoiding the need to invest in their own hardware.

Using software-defined networking (SDN) technology, customers will be able to scale bandwidth as needed, and customers will be able to take advantage of HGC's portfolio of managed ICT services.

“Our collaboration with Megaport is very important as corporate customers nowadays demand flexible private connectivity to global cloud platforms,” HGC CEO Andrew Kwok said.

“While corporate customers have access to HGC’s strong infrastructure base and on-demand services, their growing demand for one-stop solutions can also be met by enabling them to leverage cloud-based applications through this newly-launched MCCS Service. This is another example of HGC’s continuous commitment to becoming a leading ICT service provider in the market.”


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