ImageDeep launches AI-based surveillance engine

ImageDeep Systems has unveiled a solution for detecting and preventing criminal intent (Image ImageDeep)

Hong Kong's ImageDeep Systems has launched new surveillance technology designed to track human behavior to help prevent crime.

ImageDeep has developed an internet of things based intelligent platform capable of analyzing thousands of video camera feeds.

The company employs a “fused AI” approach combining machine learning and traditional rule-based algorithms to track and extract human movement, detecting actions which are considered out of the ordinary to highlight suspected criminal intent in real time.

“In security applications, we flag suspicious human demeanour before a crime is committed and prevent it from happening,” ImageDeep head of business Martin Brecknock said.

“In retail, we can categorise shoppers, staff and children from footfall. This technology will have a great impact on crime prevention and optimized revenue for facilities management.”

ImageDeep announced plans to make Hong Kong is primary base of operations in November.

As part of setting up shop in Hong Kong, ImageDeep plans to establish an AI communications hub in the city in Spring that will support the technology, as well as the Greater Bay Area development strategy. The hub is expected to employ up to 50 supporting personnel by the end of the year.

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