NTT Com launches managed Azure Stack solution in HK

NTT Com has launched its Microsoft Managed Azure Stack solution in Hong Kong (Image Just_Super / iStockPhoto)

ICT solution provider NTT Communications (NTT Com) has launched its Managed Microsoft Azure Stack solution in Hong Kong, in a bid to help local enterprises overcome barriers to true hybrid cloud adoption.

The new solution combines Microsoft's cloud technology with NTT Com's Global Management One (GMOne) suite of managed services.

Microsoft's Azure Stack hybrid cloud platform is designed to address data security and compliance needs by allowing enterprises to run Azure services with regulated or sensitive data on-premises or at NTT Com data centers, while offloading less critical application workloads to Azure.

The ExpressRoute secure tunnel provides a secure and low latency private connection between on-premise data centers and Azure.

NTT Com Asia chief revenue officer Stephen Tsang said research conducted by the company in conjunction with IDG Connect found that Hong Kong is expected to see the strongest growth in Azure Stack adoption in the APAC region at 61% over the next 18 months.

He said many Hong Kong enterprises are facing barriers on the journey to true hybrid cloud, such as difficulties in managing data security, the operational complexity of managing multiple cloud platforms and an inability to migrate legacy IT and business applications to the cloud.

“As a Microsoft Azure Stack early adopter and Gold Cloud Platform partner, we are confident this game-changing technology will help smooth and speed business transformation,” he said.

“With our expertise in managed services, ICT infrastructure and security, we help companies to fully integrate, customize and manage their complex hybrid IT ecosystem. Enterprises can now rest assured and seize the opportunities of the new digital economy.”

NTT Com's GMOne Managed Services provide an end-to-end solution for supporting hybrid IT strategies through a single contract, service agreement and management portal.