Huawei launches SAP HANA TDI solution

Huawei has unveiled a SAP HANA tailored data center integration solution powered by its all-flash storage platforms (Image Vladimir_Timofeev / iStockPhoto)

Huawei has launched a tailored data center integration (TDI) solution for SAP HANA designed to meet the data center and business consolidation needs of large enterprises.

The HANA TDI solution is based on Huawei's all-flash high performance storage platforms, and has been designed to support up to 200 SAP HANA nodes, each expandable to 32TB.

The solution is designed to allow SAP HANA databases to be seamlessly integrated into existing data enter infrastructure to improve flexibility, reliability, management and maintenance and allow for the reuse of existing data center IT investments.

Dedicated management plugins allow the solution to work with the SAP Landscape Management platform.

The solution is also capable of automatically manage SAP applications, data bases, networks and IT infrastructures, and uses Huawei storage snapshots to greatly improve setup speeds.

“Huawei's all-flash storage meets the storage requirements of enterprise-class applications such as databases, virtual desktops, and server virtualization. This allows it to effectively meet solid-reliability and high-performance standards in SAP HANA scenarios,” Huawei president of storage products Meng Guangbin said.

“This allows it to effectively meet solid-reliability and high-performance standards in SAP HANA scenarios. Huawei will work with SAP to build a high-performance data processing platform that helps enterprises accelerate core data processing."


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