Verizon opens advanced security operations center for APAC

US-based telecoms and ICT services provider Verizon has enhanced its cyber security capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of a new advanced security operations center in Canberra, Australia.

The new Asia-Pacific Threat and Analytics Center will be used to provide real-time insight into cyber threats for public and private sector customers across APAC.

Verizon operates a global network of 10 security operations centers worldwide, which monitor Verizon's own global communications network, with threat intelligence based on big data analytics and forensic investigation.

This information is combined with intelligence from hundreds of computer emergency response teams and law enforcement agencies worldwide to provide a global overview of the threat environment.

“While the 'good guys' have a better understanding of the impact a potential breach can have on their stakeholders, business continuity and corporate reputations, there is a constant need to remain a step ahead of the adversaries,” Verizon regional managing director for Australia, New Zealand and India Robert Le Busque commented.

“Through this enhanced facility, our security experts will be able to collaborate more effectively with our public and private sector stakeholders to deliver more actionable insights. The increased sharing of intelligence is vital to safeguarding physical and online assets across the Asia-Pacific region.”

The center will help Verizon enhance its global managed security services portfolio, which combines threat intelligence and analytics with services including customizable advanced security operations and managed threat protection services.

The company also offers next-generation commercial technology monitoring and analytics, rapid incident response and forensics investigations and identity management services.