HKT debuts Tap & Go NFC payment service

HKT has launched an NFC payment service based on MasterCard PayPass allowing both mobile payment and instant money transfer.

HKT subsidiary HKT Payment has launched Tap & Go, an NFC-based all-in-one SIM card for the parent company's csl and 1O1O mobile units.

The service supports transactions of up to HK$1,000 ($129), as well as account top-ups of up to HK$10,000 per day.

These top-ups can be set up to happen automatically, or can be conducted on-demand at HKT, csl and 1O1O stores. HKT said top ups will soon also be able to be conducted at 7-Eleven stores across Hong Kong.

Tap & Go also allows customers to set PIN protection and can be used for transactions at the more than three million PayPass merchant locations worldwide.

HKT said customers can also instantly transfer money to family and friends with their own Tap & Go accounts via a peer-to-peer transaction mode.

“Tap & Go unleashes the capabilities of NFC and all-in-one SIM to bring a new, convenient and secure payment experience for customers, further strengthening HKT’s leading position in the market,” HKT group managing director Alex Arena commented.



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