NetDragon teams with Pearson to launch e-learning suite in HK

NetDragon and Pearson have announced an e-learning partnership for Hong Kong (Image imtmphoto / iStockPhoto)

Hong Kong headquartered mobile application and online game developer NetDragon Websoft Holdings has entered a collaboration with Pearson Education Asia to jointly launch the Longman Plus intelligent education solution in the market.

Longman Plus is a digital education portal covering digitalized teaching, personalized learning and assessment for Hong Kong K-12 learners.

The portal will be able to support teachers' lesson preparation and lectures, class collaboration, pre-exam studies, after school homework and reviews, as well as family-school interactions.

In addition, the platform will use data analytis to provide recommendations for teachers and students based on performance histories

This represents the first joint launch between the two companies since they entered into a stategic partnership at the Digital China Summit in April.

The two companies plan to use Hong Kong and Macau as the pilot phase of their collaboration, carrying out joint initiatives covering digital education products and exploring new online education models.

During the initial stage of the launch, Longman Plus will be deployed as part of a trial covering five schools and over 3,000 teachers and students. The platform will next be expanded to all Pearson Hong Kong K-12 education products of all subjects.

“Leveraging NetDragon's cutting-edge R&D powerhouse of learning technologies, our cooperation with international education giant Pearson will take the K-12 education market as the starting point and make it the best practice,” NetDragon CEO Xiong Li commented.

“In the future, we hope to promote human bonding through education cooperation, and to link education technology with the Belt and Road Initiative. Together with Pearson, we will expand China's advanced digital education technology and teaching concepts to the wider international market."a


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