4 in 5 HK ICT professionals received a pay rise this year

While most HK employers plan to raise salaries by a conservative amount this year skilled professionals in hot demand can still command high raises (image RSMcLeod / iStockPhoto)
More than four in five Hong Kong ICT professionals received a pay rise this year (Image RSMcLeod / iStockPhoto)

More than four in five (81.8%) Hong Kong ICT professionals received a pay rise this year, with three in four of these receiving a pay rise of over 4%, according to the HKCS.

The industry body's latest Hong Kong IT Industry Employment and Salary Trend Survey found that the majority (62.5%) of ICT professionals received a pay rise of between 4% and 6%, with 2.1% receiving a 7% to 9% bump and 10.4% enjoying a pay rise of 10% or more.

Only 2.1% of respondents received a pay rise of less than 1%, with 22.9% seeing their salaries grow by 1% to 3%.

Meanwhile 39.6% of the 55 surveyed companies hired fresh ICT graduates this year. All hiring companies offered starting salaries of over HK$12,000, with 44% offering over HK$16,000 to attract new talent.

More 70% of companies increased their starting salary for fresh graduates this year in light of the ongoing skills shortage, with 55.6% offering an increase of over 4%.

The survey results also show that ICT graduates working in the field for three years enjoyed a salary rise of over 10%, with 38.9% receiving salary growth of over 20% after five years' experience.

“ICT industry has been lacking of talent. Last year, HKCS recorded a pay rise for ICT professionals with the rate mostly over 4% and had outperformed the inflation rate, which was an indication of stable growth of IT salary and a good industry prospect,” HKCS president Ted Suen said.

“The recent released ‘Outline Development Plan for Greater Bay Area’ stated that Hong Kong will promote itself as an international innovation and technology hub. Leading sectors such as finance, shipping, trading, tourism and service industries have been relying on ICT for further development, which will provide enormous career opportunities for ICT professional.”

Suen said the HKCS is encouraging Hong Kong students and young professionals to study ICT related subjects and develop their careers in the burgeoning ICT industry.

“On the other hand, Government should proactively involve more resources in cultivating ICT talents - especially in fintech [and] cybersecurity - to tackle the needs for future development.”

He added that HKCS helps cultivate talent and professional development through different channels such as the organization of regular forums by its four specialist groups (AI, cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, and fintech), and ICT delegations to China.

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