AlipayHK announces EasyGo public transport payment service

AlipayHK has announced a new mobile payment service tailored for public transport (Image AlipayHK)

AlipayHK has announced a new technology designed to allow commuters to instantly pay for public transit fares using their mobile devices.

The company's new EasyGo service, announced at the AlipayHK hosted Smart Mobility Technology Forum, is designed to allow users to scan the QR Code displayed against an EasyGo scanner to complete payment.

Unlike other QR code payment technologies available on the market which require at least one device to be online to complete payment, EasyGo supports dual offline payment functionality to allow payment to be completed even if network quality is poor.

The payment process takes an average of 0.3 seconds to complete, and AlipayHK was able to demonstrate 19 users scanning the EasyGo code in quick succession during the demonstration at the Smart Mobility Technology Forum.

EasyGo supports "Travel-then-Pay". "A user can take a ride even though he does not have sufficient balance in his account. He can top up his account after the ride," said Karl Wong, head of product development at Alipay Payment Services HK (APSHK).

Security is taken into account by the EasyGo service. Wong noted the service uses asymmetric cryptography and complies with ISO 18004. In addition, SMS notification will be sent to users after a fare is deducted from their accounts. 

AlipayHK has collaborated with two green minibus companies – AMS Public Transportation Holdings and Koon Wing Motors - to implement EasyGo in minibuses.

“The development of EasyGo is a key milestone in AlipayHK’s progression in smart mobility. After days of the team’s development, repeated testing, and relentless enhancement on the technology, we are thrilled to showcase this speedy payment solution,” APSHK's CEO Jennifer Tan said.

“We are also honoured the technology has gained the support of two of Hong Kong's largest minibus operators, so citizens can experience its convenience on minibuses. Meanwhile, AlipayHK will continue to work on expanding the service to more public transports, so EasyGo users enjoy unimpeded access to all public transport.”

The EasyGo payment terminal is built-in with a SIM card, and its backend platform is supported by Alibaba Cloud. Apart from a mobile payment solution, Wong said the payment terminal has other capabilities such as destination notification, Wi-Fi sharing, and real-time terminal monitoring.




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