AllPay adds support for WeChat Pay HK e-Wallet

WeChat Pay HK and China Unionpay have introduced support for cross-border mobile payments (Image robertcicchetti / iStockPhoto)
AllPay has added support for WeChat Pay HK e-Wallet to its all-in-one payment app in Hong Kong (Image robertcicchetti / iStockPhoto)

UK-based cross border payment services company AllPay has introduced a new product for merchants into its all-in-one payment solution for Hong Kong adding support for the WeChat Pay HK e-Wallet.

AllPay's payment solution already supports receiving payments via both Alipay and WeChat Pay, and now also supports WeChat's dedicated Hong Kong e-wallet.

The all-in-one AllPay app for QR code payment allows merchants such as Hong Kong-based restaurants, supermarkets, and chain stores to receive payments from mobile wallet users.

Merchants can use AliPay's app to scan a customer's QR wallet or offer a static QR code for customers to scan and pay.

The company aims to use the solution to increase the use of mobile wallets in Hong Kong, and allowing mainland Chinese and international visitors to make payments without the need to carry large amounts of cash or worry about credit fraud.

AllPay's payment terms for merchants promise to allow them to save up to 2% on the transaction fee compared to credit cards. The company is offering free initial account setup and application, and no extra charge on currency exchange to Hong Kong dollars.

Merchants can use their mobile phones to check transaction records at any time, and can set up payment notifications, offer refunds, and set up settlement bank accounts through the application.


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