ASA Innovation wins Best Startup at JUMPSTARTER 2019

Alibaba Entrepreneurs' Fund has wrapped up the two-day JUMPSTARTER 2019 (Image Alibaba)

Hong Kong's ASA Innovation has won Best Startup at Alibaba Entrepreneurs' Fund's JUMPSTARTER 2019.

ASA Innovation, which was also selected as Most Favorite, was recognized for its air purifier lamp Airluna, which uses nanotechnology to eliminate pollutants at a microscopic scale.

“We are so excited and honored to be part of this. Our mission is to help people solve problems and offer the best-quality air in a bespoke way,” said ASA Innovation CEO Mui Kinoshita, adding that Jumpstarter has allowed her to network and get advice from the industry’s top players.”

This year more than 600 startups from 36 countries and regions entered into the two-day event, with nearly half of these coming from outside of Hong Kong.

From these, 12 Hong Kong startups and 12 from outside of the city competed for Best Startup across four categories - mart city, retail, advanced technology and financial services.

Cindy Chow, executive director of Alibaba Entrepreneurs' Fund, also noted that participation in the event by women increased to 22% from last year's 18%, and the average age of participants also decreased.

“As the biggest start-up event in Hong Kong in terms of scale, Jumpstarter aims to provide a platform that connects startups, entrepreneurs and investors so that any entrepreneurs or young people can have the chance to jump-start their dreams in Hong Kong,” she said.


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