ASTRI wins 21 awards at Inventions Geneva 2019

ASTRI won 21 awards at this year's International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (Image ASTRI)

ASTRI has had another big year at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva this year, picking up 21 awards including four gold medals with congratulations from the jury.

ASTRI also picked up seven gold medals, nine silvers and one bronze during the exhibition, which concluded yesterday.

The institute was part of a Hong Kong delegation of around 42 institutions and universities that participated in the global event. This marked ASTRI's second year of participating in the event.

The gold medal with congratulations of the jury awards were for an enhanced mobile edge computing (MEC) platform with International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) acquisition, a separator coated with self shutdown layer of high porosity for lithium ion battery, a compact spectrometer with reflective wedge structure, and a medical image data analytics platform.

Among the projects also picking up medals include a cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) system for road safety and smart mobility applications, new mobile biometrics authentication technology, machine learning based artificial character generation, and a new method for error correcting multicast messages.

“ASTRI is honoured and delighted to stand out among many world-class inventors and institutions with 21 prestigious awards. This recognition of ASTRI's innovative endeavours once again demonstrates our R&D expertise and capability,” ASTRI CEO Hugh Chow said.

“While the city has increasingly embraced innovation and technology development in recent years, ASTRI continues to leverage its technical know-how to develop more applied solutions that benefit the public and the industries."


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