BEA deploys all-flash storage from HPE

BEA has deployed an all-flash data storage system from HPE at its data center (Image Vladimir_Timofeev / iStockPhoto)

The Bank of East Asia (BEA) has deployed an all flash data storage system from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to accelerate its digital transformation.

BEA is using the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage all-flash array at its data center as part of a project to consolidate its disk storage system.

The system's fast speeds, low latency and guaranteed 99.9999% data availability will allow the bank to address regulatory compliance needs by improving uptime performance, and support multiple analytics applications with different performance and usage requirements, HPE said.

HPE 3PAR has also recently been integrated with the company's InfoSight cloud-based AI platform to enable the prediction and automated resolution of problems that could impact the reliability of storage arrays.

Since the integration, HPE InfoSight has predicted and auto-resolved an estimated 85% of complex, priority issues across the HPE 3PAR installed base, the company added.

“After a comprehensive review of all-flash storage arrays, we found HPE to be the best choice to support the continually evolving data processing applications that are so critical in the financial services industry,” BEA group CIO Eric Wong said.

“HPE 3PAR’s proven track record and quality of service performance capabilities enable BEA to attain a high level of data management and operational excellence, providing us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”


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