CMHK, ASTRI, HKSTP to collaborate on smart city R&D

China Mobile Hong Kong, ASTRI and HKSTP will collaborate on smart city R&D in areas including autonomous vehicles (Image China Mobile Hong Kong)

China Mobile Hong Kong has announced a partnership with ASTRI and HKSTP to collaborate on research and development in areas including 5G, IoT data exchange, autonomous vehicles and other smart city enabling technologies.

As part of the collaborations, China Mobile Hong Kong will work with HKSTP and ASTRI on various 5G-related projects at Hong Kong Science Park, including an autonomous vehicle trial.

China Mobile Hong Kong will meanwhile fund ASTRI's research and development of an edge computing platform aimed at potentially overcoming the inadequacies of cloud computng and allowing faster data processing to support ultra-low latency applications such as autonomous vehicles.

“We are pleased to collaborate with ASTRI and HKSTP. The promotion and development of 5G are important elements in establishing Hong Kong as a Smart City,” China Mobile Hong Kong director and ECO Sean Lee said.

“We proactively cooperate with different industries and apply 5G to advance our designs and services to promote Smart City development in Hong Kong. Concurrently, we also promote the nurturing of next-generation innovation and technology talents.”

The partnership among the three organizations will last for two years. “Under our two-year partnership, we will collaborate in 5G technology research and development in different areas including autonomous vehicles and smart lampposts,” says Alex Cheng, principal engineer of China Mobile Hong Kong at the press briefing yesterday. 

According to Cheng, three commercial equipment field-testing 5G base stations have been installed at the Science Park to conduct autonomous vehicle trial. The soon-to-be-launched trial will last for nine to 12 months. 

Cheng says that another trial on smart lampposts will be launched later this year. 5G base station and IoT device will then be placed on smart lampposts for IoT applications testing and data analysis.

ASTRI's edge computing platform will be used in 5G-related trials. “By using edge computing together with 5G technology, we can support low-latency applications such as autonomous vehicles," says Alex Mui, director of networking software at ASTRI. “A massive amount of data can be processed faster and at a relatively low transmission cost.”

China Mobile Hong Kong was the first network provider in the city to complete field testing of 28-GHz 5G base stations and antennas during a trial at Science Park. During the trials, non-5G phones were able to connect to 5G routers with connection speeds of up to 500Mbps.

The collaboration was announced at the [email protected] Kong: Our Smart City Journey conference yesterday. During the conference, the Hong Kong Productivity Council also announced the launch of Hong Kong's first gerontology industry cluster.


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