Salesforce: Customer experience takes priority in Hong Kong

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has growth at a rate of 44 percent since 2017, says Salesforce in the latest State of Marketing report. However, only a third (30%) of marketers are completely satisfied with the ability to balance personalization with privacy.

Based on a survey of more than 4,100 marketing leaders around the globe in August and September 2018, the report reveals that marketers increasingly prioritize personalization, leverage the power of AI and turn to numerous data sources to improve customer engagement.

Key priorities

Unsurprisingly, customer experience is a key priority in the region: 41 percent of Singapore marketers and 35 percent of Hong Kong marketers say that they are tasked with leading customer experience initiatives across their organization.

Most marketers in Singapore (84%) and Hong Kong (79%) also agree that personalization improves their overall marketing program, with voice-activated personal assistants seeing increasing use with around a significant proportion of marketers (26% in Singapore, 17% in Hong Kong) using it in their marketing efforts.

On the flip side, marketers are struggling to prioritize privacy, with a third (32% in Singapore, 32% in Hong Kong) saying they feel challenged to balance personalization with privacy.

At a media roundtable discussing the key insights and findings of the report, Liam McCance, CMO at Singapore Life explained the role of product design in the customer experience.

“Rather than organize campaigns around the product we have, we want to build a product that earns the customer relationship. From a marketing perspective, it’s all about the customer experience. We would rather spend money bringing a person into a product even if it entails loss-leading – because it’s better spend than on media,” he said.

“Technology can be like giving an electric car to a marketing team, [only for them to] go fill it with petrol. It needs to come with training, in terms of informing them of how to use these tools at their fingertips. They need to be brought on this journey of change,” said Jess O’Reilly, the regional VP of Marketing Cloud at Salesforce.

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