CWHK Awards 2018: HKT scores for the 11th straight year

Tom Chan, managing director, commercial group, HKT


Winner: HKT

 “HKT is Hong Kong’s preferred solution partner for carriers and corporate customers looking for a competitive edge in their network services,” said Tom Chan, managing director, commercial group, HKT. “Our firm provides data connectivity services including leased line, optical data services, Ethernet & IP services etc to enterprise customers. To echo the trend of IoT development in a global business environment, HKT offers a one-stop IoT ecosystem with dedicated cloud connectivity to help Hong Kong enterprises be more competitive through digital transformation in business.”

Chan pointed to HKT’s Cloud Direct a “managed network connectivity service interconnecting HKT’s network service (e.g. CE2.0 and AppConnect) with multi-cloud including Microsoft Azure, AWS, or HKT Enterprise Cloud platforms. It helps enterprises boost productivity and sustain data security by providing private data connectivity with guaranteed high performance and large bandwidth range.”

“To facilitate Hong Kong enterprises’ fast development and flexibility in our dynamic business environment, HKT offers various types of data connectivity services to help enterprises communicate at fast speeds with highly secured and reliable connections,” he said. “For example, AppConnect and Cloud Direct help enterprises with IoT demands in business development.”

“AppConnect is a managed Layer3 VPN network design with guaranteed performance and high bandwidth, as well as scalability and interoperability capability with public cloud service providers,” said Chan. “We also provide various application deployments and IoT initiatives such as facial recognition, temperature sensors and energy saving monitoring in the retail segment to help enterprises have better operation planning in energy consumption and enhancement in customer interaction.”  

Future news

“HKT will continually develop new connectivity services to enterprises with different business demand, and offer better user experiences to customers through our premium user portal,” pledged Chan.

“We will have Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to interconnect with cloud service and Fixed Mobile Integration (FMI) 2.0 to providing bonding and mobile backup solution to enterprises,” he said. “This year, we will also launch a new user portal—the Enterprise Solutions Portal—to enhance customer experiences by monitoring customers’ subscribed circuit traffic and performance.”

“In the meantime, we will strive to develop integrated IoT solutions including water leakage monitoring, air quality monitoring and smoke detectors etc, to provide a more friendly living and less energy-consuming environment for Hong Kong citizens,” said Chan. “We would like to make Hong Kong citizens live happier, healthier and more prosperous.”       

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