CWHK Awards 2018: IaaS matures among Hong Kong enterprises

CWHK Awards 2018: Mobile services: more important than ever
Tom Chan, the managing director, of the Commercial Group at HKT


Winner: HKT Enterprise Cloud

Today, data platforms are delivered through the Cloud, with the provider offering all-inclusive big data solutions and services. The HKT IoT data and customer data platforms were developed on an enterprise cloud platform that enables enterprises to develop, deploy, operate and manage huge amounts of information.

Tom Chan, the managing director, of the Commercial Group at HKT said that HKT supports businesses in a dynamic environment to maximize their business IT efficiency, and reliability. HKT has already helped many enterprises to scrap their legacy IT set ups and adopt digital technology with multi-cloud strategies.

Multi-cloud now the norm

“Public cloud adoption has been increasing over the years and ‘multicloud’ is fast becoming the norm of modernized IT infrastructures” added Chan. HKT has been working on a ‘multi-cloud’ strategy for years, and has developed a strong ecosystem partnership to provide effective solutions to solve the business challenges of enterprises in many different business sectors.

To help customers adopt multi-cloud, HKT provides end-to-end solutions with a class-leading network, multi-cloud management, and managed services. In addition, HKT has developed its own IoT Data Platform with comprehensive IoT solutions that enable customers to deploy pilot IoT projects effortlessly.

Excellence scores the award

HKT products excel in three key areas: connectivity, security, and managed services. The company’s cloud platform is also located in multiple data centers across Hong Kong ensuring 99.99% uptime for customers. It can also be accessed by multiple connection methods, leveraging HKT’s massive telco strength.

HKT Enterprise Cloud provides 5-layer IaaS security protection to give enterprises a complete peaceof- mind onto the cloud by handling their migration, user enablement, ongoing operation, and support. It also offers customers 24/7 support from an Integrated Security Operation Centre (iSOC), backed by excellent technical support. Its platform is certified with all cloud-related ISO 27001 certificated: ISO 27001, 27017, 27018.

The company has extensive experience across different industries and differently sized-firms, supports enterprises in a dynamic business environment to maximize their IT efficiency, reliability and availability.

Vision and roadmap

HKT is devoted to providing unbiased multi-cloud solution consultation and managed services and offering even more business benefits to customers such as IoT, video analytics and AI solutions. “With its multi-cloud strategy, HKT’s product development focuses on enriching its capabilities including providing a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and a multi-cloud managed service” said Chan.

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