CWHK Awards 2018: Protecting employee-owned devices company-wide

Tom Chan, managing director, Commercial Group, HKT


Winner: 1O1O

“Corporations seek a management tool to address control of unmanaged employee-owned smartphones and tablets that connect to the company’s internal network,” said Tom Chan, managing director, Commercial Group, HKT. “1O1O Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM) enables your corporation to save money and manpower on administration.”

Chan said that with this tool, “employees are able to choose their own devices so there is no need to compromise on user preferences—it also helps you manage unauthorized software downloads and the mixing of corporate and personal data.”


UEM is an evolution of MDM. Corporations needs have expanded beyond the need to manage mobile devices.

Chan listed some features of the HKT tool:

• Get multi-OS mobile operations under control

• Reduce mobile costs by implementing real time control on usage

• Drive self-governance and end-user productivity

• View videos from various mobile devices including notebooks, iPhone or Android OS smartphones He said that benefits include:

• Enhanced efficiency, with centralized device provisioning and management

• Minimized risk through enforced policy controls on mobile devices in order to lower the risk of security breaches

• Better cost control by managing operating costs by monitoring the usage of data and roaming services

“It’s not only about protecting the device at the MDM level,” said Chan. “Mobile Security as-a-Service is a 3-layer service that includes measures to protect your core network, enterprise applications, and devices—1O1O SafetyNet, 1O1O UEM & 1O1O DeviceSafe.”

1O1O DeviceSafe provides rigorous threat detection and risk mitigation, and simple integration with UEM platforms, he said.1O1O SafetyNet offers network based security protection to alert users to phishing attempts and malicious sites.

Chan said his firm has “the most UEM licenses deployed among local operators, including the first BlackBerry Enterprise Platinum Partner in Hong Kong.” He said that their strengths include end-toend managed services, expertise in UEM sales & consultancy services.

UEM mission and clients

The concept of UEM is to manage employee’s use of devices (laptops, smartphones, etc) across multiple endpoints including devices, content, applications, and email. The goal is to increase productivity and optimize operations on a more secure platform, which will help avoid company data leakage and the risk of malware.

“UEM is a critical protection against cybersecurity risks, and it is applicable to all enterprises and organizations whose employees require access to the internet,” said Chan. “It is commonly deployed in banking and finance, aviation, logistics, government departments, utilities, retail, and services industries.”

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