DBS Bank to launch virtual recruiter in HK

DBS Bank will soon deploy a virtual bank recruiter in Hong Kong (Image AndreyPopov / iStockPhoto)

DBS Bank has launched a new virtual bank recruiter named Jim designed to help its recruiters more efficiently hire wealth planning managers, and plans to deploy the technology in Hong Kong within the next few months.

The artificial intelligence recruiter has been in pilot since April, helping recruiters review resumes, collect applicants' responses for pre-screening questions and conducting psychometric profiling assessments on candidates.

Now the virtual recruiter is ready to be deployed across DBS' core markets of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

The system will also be extended for other high-profile roles at the banks, including its management associate and graduate associate programs, to help sort the large volume of applications.

According to James Loo, head of talent acquisition at DBS Banks' Human Resources group, Jim has the potential to help recruiters save around 40 man hours per month by automating the pre-screening process for applicants.

“Our candidates are often busy during the day, and many of our recruiters end up working long hours to cater to their schedules. A virtual recruiter, such as Jim, would lighten our employees’ workload,” he said.

“Previously manual processes – such as posting screening questions, conducting psychometric assessments and tests – have now been fully automated. This frees up our recruiters’ time so they can take on higher value work.”

Jim, which stands for Jobs Intelligence Maestro, was developed by Singapore startup Impress AI in collaboration with DBS' Talent Acquisition team. Over 90% of the close to 100 applicants that have provided feedback on the use of the platform have reported a positive experience.