CWHK Awards 2018: Delivering customer-centric digital offerings

Eric Or, managing director for Hong Kong and Macau, JOS


Winner: JOS

With a long history in the traditional system integration business, JOS underwent a business transformation four years ago and evolved into a consulting and IT service provider. Nowadays, the company utilizes existing and emerging technologies to provide tailor-made offerings to customers.

JOS is well known for its traditional lines of business like IT product-distribution, systems integration, maintenance, and support services. After its business transformation, the service provider now deals with business customers directly.

By providing customer-centric and tailor-made digital offerings, JOS is recognized as the winner of the IT consulting services provider category of the Computerworld Hong Kong Awards 2018.

Customer-centric innovation

“In four years’ time, we evolved into a consulting and IT service firm providing solutions for Asia’s evolving business environment,” said Eric Or, managing director of Hong Kong and Macau at JOS. The company integrates existing and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, big data, cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT).

The JOS MD said the company’s success was achieved through a clear understanding of customers’ needs and customer-centric innovation.

“When a customer requires an unprecedented combination of technology, we identify and offer strategic solutions by incorporating existing third-party technologies with tailor-made solutions,” he said. “This brings in large-scale business advantages while helping customers remain agile.”

The company’s customers come from various industries such as finance, hospitality, advanced manufacturing, public sector, and retail.

Strategic technology partnerships

JOS has a network of technology partners, offering an array of technologies from industry vendors and innovative ventures from the United States, Europe, and Australia.

One example is AI technology. In July 2017, JOS partnered with UK-based Rainbird AI to bring the latter’s offerings—including the Rainbird AI cognitive reasoning engine—to businesses in Asia.

The partnership allowed JOS to become the first system integrator in Asia to carry Rainbird’s products. It added AI capabilities to JOS’s enterprise IT solution portfolio and expanded its range of customized solutions, while helping Rainbird AI bolster its position in the Asian market.

“This collaboration further demonstrates our leading edge as one of Asia’s most innovative solutions providers,” said Or. “It also further solidifies our reputation as a key strategic partner for technology vendors.”

Another example is cybersecurity technology. JOS formed a strategic partnership with insurance and financial services provider Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) in December 2016 to offer cyber insurance and consultancy services in Asia. The joint services formed part of JOS’ cyber security portfolio via JLT’s hubs in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Or expects AI to have a significant growth in the coming year. “We predict more commercial automated machine learning along with the integration of the technology in larger platforms,” he said. “The company will continue to deliver AI-powered solutions across the region to accelerate customer service transformation.”     

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