Exsun teams with Eyesight to fight truck accidents in China

Exsun and Eyesight are aiming to help prevent truck accidents in China (Image WangAnQi / iStockPhoto)

Chinese GPS and telematics systems developer Exsun has teamed up with Israel's Eyesight to apply artificial intelligence to help prevent truck accidents in China.

Eyesight is a developer of Edge-based AI vision solutions for the in-car automotive market. Under the agreement, Exsun will bring Eysight's Driver Monitoring System to the Chinese commercial truck industry.

The partners plan to launch an aftermarket solution using Eyesight's camera and Computer Vision AI as part of Exsun's fleet management and telematics systems portfolio.

The device is expected to launch next year to a total addressible market of the hundreds of thousands of trucks using Exsun's products.

In the future, the system could be offered globally to third party truck, bus and fleet maangement providers.

Eyesight recently raised US$15 million in an investment round ed by Jebsen Capital, Arie Capital and other investors.

“As a result of China's robust economy, including rapidly growing e-commerce and product manufacturing, there are around 30 million trucks on the country's roads, and these numbers will only grow," Eyesight CEO Gideon Shmuel said.

"As driver exhaustion and drowsiness is a widespread issue in the trucking industry, the aftermarket DMS product Eyesight is developing with Exsun will provide Chinese truck drivers with lifesaving real-time alerts, which can drastically reduce the number of accidents caused by drowsiness and inattentiveness."

According to WHO statistics, there are about 450,000 car accidents a year in China, resulting in roughly 260,000 fatalities.

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