FS promoting HK-US innovation and technology ties

Financial Secretary Paul Chan visited Microsoft this week to learn about the latest developments in AI (Image Info.gov.hk)

Financial Secretary Paul Chan is visiting the US this week to promote greater Hong Kong-US ties on innovation and technology.

Chan started his US visit on April 8 US West Coast time with a visit to the city of Seattle, where he met with a government official, senior management of Microsoft, and a video game technology institute.

He met with the senior deputy mayor of Seattle Michael Fong to discuss promoting innovation and technology development, as well as smart city initiatives.

Chan also updated Fong on the latest transport infrastructure in Hong Kong, and the development plan of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and revealed that Hong Kong has committed over HK$100 billion so far to promote innovation and technology development in the areas of biotechnology, AI, smart city, and fintech.

Chan next visited the DigiPen Institute of Technology to learn more on the Institute's work in video game development education.

He welcomed the institute to offer programs in Hong Kong in collaboration with local tertiary institutes, in line with the HKSAR government's goal of developing creative industries and e-sports.

Finally, Chan visited the senior management of Microsoft for an update on the company's latest AI developments, and Microsoft's efforts to promote research and development and technology education in Hong Kong.

Chan's trip to the US is continuing with a visit to San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley.


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