H2 Cable and SubCom build direct link from HK to Australia

Telstra has invested in two new subsea cables between Asia and the US (Image johnason / iStockPhoto)
H2 Cable has commissioned a new subsea cable system directly linking Hong Kong and Australia (Image johnason / iStockPhoto)

Singapore-based H2 Cable has signed a contract with fiber optic cable network manufacturer and operator, SubCom to supply and install the H2 submarine cable system, creating a direct route between Australia and Hong Kong.

The cable design will also make way for a number of branching units that can be deployed to locations including Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Guam, Queensland, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

According to H2, the direct route will provide the best latency from Australia across the Pacific Ocean, with the Sydney to Hong Kong branch carrying 15 Tbps per fiber pair and the Sydney to Los Angeles branch carrying more than 12.9 Tbps per fiber pair, and will follow a diverse route to the north of New Caledonia.

The cable has a single end power feeding capability of more than 13,000 km.

“We are pleased to partner with SubCom and are confident their technology and operational excellence will enable a smooth system deployment,” H2 CEO Georges Krebs said. “H2 will bring the necessary boost in connectivity to Australia, which has one of the fastest-growing international traffic streams.”

H2 chairman Remi Galasso, said growing capacity requirements and new traffic patterns within the Asia Pacific region, required innovative and versatile submarine infrastructure deployments.

“The H2 cable, with its North (Australia to Hong Kong) and East (US) segments, has been designed to deliver direct connectivity through new subsea paths and provide optimal diversity. We are excited to be at the forefront of this development.”

To date, SubCom has deployed more than 200 networks - enough undersea cable to circle the Earth more than 17 times at the equator.



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