HK, Singapore share notes on data privacy protection

Privacy commissioner Stephen Wong has welcomed a delegation from Singapore's PDPC (Image PCPD)

Privacy commissioner for personal data Stephen Kai-yi Wong has met with delegates from Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) to discuss mutual data privacy issues.

The PDPC delegation, led by deputy commissioner Zee-kin Yeong, traveled to Hong Kong earlier this week for the meeting.

During the meeting, Wong and his senior staff members at the Office of the PCPD detailed to the delegates his office's latest initiatives and developments, including the review of Hong Kong's Personal Data Privacy Ordinance, the Privacy Management Program, and the implementation of this program in government.

He commented that assessing whether Hong Kong's Personal Data Privacy Ordinance is fit for its purpose of protecting personal data privacy in the wider context of the development of the global privacy landscape has been a key priority since he took office in August 2015.

Wong also detailed an ongoing consultancy project that will help organizations in Hong Kong to embrace data ethics as part of their corporate governance, as well as topical issues including cybersecurity and cross border data transfer.

Wong added that Hong Kong and Singapore have working connections in global personal data protection because both are members of international organisations such as the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) and the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN).

The visit is expected to further promote bilateral exchange and close collaboration between the two data protection authorities, in areas including the exchange of expertise and enforcement information, carrying out joint research projects and handling cross-jurisdictional security and data breach cases.