HKBN to offer relief for customers left stranded in Japan

HKBN will offer relief for customers left stranded in Japan due to recent natural disasters (Image Mimadeo / iStockPhoto)

HKBN has announced it will offer relief for travellers that had been left stranded in Japan due to the recent run of natural disasters by waiving extra data usage charges.

Customers using the HKBN Global Phone service consuming additional data in Japan during the period from September 1-20 will have their excess data charges waived, the company said.

In addition, customers that had been left stranded due to the cancellation of flights out of the country will have the late fees associated with the return of their Global Pocket Wi-Fi devices when returned to designated HKBN shops.

The Kansai International Airport was closed due to flooding in the wake of Typhoon Jebi hitting the country on September 3, and only resumed a limited number of flights on Saturday. Meanwhile Japan's New Chitose Airport was forced to close on Thursday following a devastating 6.7 magnitude earthquake.

Customers applying for a waiver will have to present an airline boarding pass from any destination in Japan at HKBN shops. HKBN Enterprise Solutions customers will be able to process a waiver through HKBN's 128-100 hotline.


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