HKCS consolidates special interest groups

The Convenors of HKCS Specialist Groups, from left: Ricky Woo, Dave Chen, Dr Andy Chun, Frazer Lam

HKCS has revealed plans to restructure to reflect the interests of its members and evolving trends in the IT industry.

The organization will consolidate its existing seven special interest groups (SIGs) into four, to be focused on artificial intelligence, financial technology, cyber security and enterprise architecture respectively.

The AI SIG will be convened by CityU's Dr Andy Chun. This group's main objectives will include keeping HKCS members abreast of research, developments and applications in the emerging field of AI and serve as a platform for AI-related knowledge exchange among these members.

Bank of China Hong Kong head of risk management Frazer Lam will lead up the fintech SIG, which will seek to promote and nurture the fintech industry in Hong Kong and collaborate with other fintech industry supporting bodies.

Lam's co-worker Ricky Woo – the bank's senior manager for technology risk management – will convene the cyber security SIG.

This group will serve as a platform for HKCS members to collaborate and share experiences on the topic of cyber security and will seek to keep abreast of the latest cyber security technologies.

Finally the enterprise architecture group, led by HKCS fellow member Dave Chen, will promote the professional development and certifications of IT architects in Hong Kong and disseminate knowledge about enterprise IT architecture to the IT industry and local businesses.

“As the premier professional body for the IT sector in Hong Kong, the primary objective of HKCS is to promote information technology by providing a medium for the sharing of knowledge and promoting the appreciation of emerging technologies to benefit its members,” HKCS president Ted Suen said.

“One of the key pillars of HKCS is its Specialist Groups (SGs), which conduct various professional development activities for HKCS members as well as for the IT community at large. We have recently consolidated our SGs from seven to four, as they more accurately reflect our members’ key areas of focus and emerging IT trends.”

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