HKT Payment launches Tap & Go Marketplace

HKT Payment has launched a new store within Tap & Go for purchasing virtual gift cards (Image HKT Payment)

HKT Payment has launched a new virtual store within its Tap & Go mobile wallet to allow customers to purchase online game virtual gift cards.

The new Tap & Go Marketplace will offer a wide range of gift cards including Google Pay Gift Codes, PlayStation Network, Xbox and hvmod cards.

Once payment is complete, a PIN will be instantly installed within the Tap & Go marketplace that can be easily redeemed on the respective online marketplace.

“We are excited to launch the Tap & Go Marketplace and extend the service to better meet the needs of the game-savvy segment,” HKT Financial Services head Monita Leung said.

“Not only does online purchase via Tap & Go Marketplace give customers full control over their spending and peace of mind with secure payments, but it also offers gamers greater convenience and a seamless experience.”

The launch follows the introduction of the Faster Payment System in September that allows customers to instantly top up their mobile wallet.

Leung said HKT Payment plans to continuously expand the gift card categories available over Marketplace to cover music, videos and software.

HKT Payment secured Hong Kong's second ever stored value facilities license in 2016.


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