Hong Kong buses to open up real time arrival data

Two Hong Kong bus service providers will open up access to their real-time arrival data (Image winhorse / iStockPhoto)

Hong Kong's Transport Department has revealed that New World First Bus Services and Citybus have agreed to open up real time bus route arrival data for the benefit of commuters.

The two bus service providers have signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to release arrival data for all their franchised bus routes via the data.gov.hk public sector information (PSI) portal being operated by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).

This will allow both the public and the industry to access and make use of this data for free.

When the data is added to the portal – which is expected to be in the third quarter this year – the two bus companies are expected to become the first two public transport operators to open up their real-time data over the portal for free use for the public.

As part of the arrangement, the Transport Department has agreed to work with the companies to assist with preparatory work on opening up the real-time arrival data, and will also release this data via its HKeMobility mobile app.

The department is urging other public transport operators to follow suit and agree to open up their real time arrival data as soon as possible.


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