Hong Kong mobile networks significantly slower than Wi-Fi

Hong Kong's mobile users experience significantly higher speeds over Wi-Fi rather than cellular networks (Image milorad kravic / iStockPhoto)

Hong Kong's mobile networks significantly underperform compared to the speed of smartphone users' Wi-Fi experience, bucking the global trend, according to new analysis from OpenSignal.

Analysis of the global state of the Wi-Fi compared to the mobile network experience across numerous countries worldwide found that Hong Kong's mobile networks deliver average speeds that are 38.6Mbps lower than that experienced over Wi-Fi.

Hong Kong's mobile users experience an average speed over Wi-Fi of neatly 55Mbps, compared to just 15Mbps for the mobile network.

In China by contrast, average Wi-Fi speeds were recorded at 23.9Mbps, compared to overall mobile download speeds of 13.8Mbps.

Of the Asia-Pacific countries studied, only Japan, South Korea and Singapore also recorded faster Wi-Fi compared to mobile speeds, and the difference between the two was a lot closer in each market.

South Korea recorded the fastest average mobile speeds of around 45Mbps, compared to 56Mbps for Wi-Fi, while Singapore had the fastest Wi-Fi speeds of 73Mbps, compared to around 39Mbps over Wi-Fi.

According to OpenSignal, telecoms operators in markets where there is little difference between mobile and Wi-Fi speeds are using fixed networks effectively to support their cellular networks, and experience greater mobile networks consumption as consumers in the market have little incentive to switch networks.


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