Huawei Cloud unveils blockchain and AI services for Hong Kong

Huawei MWC19
Huawei Cloud is launching blockchain and AI solutions in Hong Kong (Image Monica Alleven/Fierce Wireless)

Huawei Cloud has launched blockchain services in Hong Kong, and has announced plans to launch its full-stack AI solutions in the market at the end of the month.

At the Huawei Cloud Hong Kong Summit 2019, Huawei Cloud announced it is now offering blockchain services, with the goal of helping Hong Kong solidify its position as an international financial and logistics hub.

The company will meanwhile introduce its portfolio of 48 Enterprise Intelligence branded AI solutions at the end of March. These solutions will include the one-stop AI developer platform ModelArts, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing, and video analysis.

Next month, the Huawei Enterprise Overseas Application Store will open, with more than 40 independent software vendors offering 250 solutions in more than 16 categories.

During a presentation at the event, Huawei Cloud Global Market president Edward Deng added that Huawei Cloud has expanded its footprint to become the first international cloud provider to offer three availability zones in Hong Kong, and is now offering IoT services for all scenarios.

"Huawei Cloud has six core advantages: most intelligent, most cost-effective, neutral and reliable, most suitable for organizations in the public sector and big enterprises, most expansive ecosystem, and best-in-class service and support,” Deng said.

“These six core advantages are built on Huawei’s aggregated R&D efforts and its core value of realizing customer-centricity.”

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