Kerry Logistics to hold smart warehouse hackathon in HK

Kerry Logistics is planning a hackathon focused on the use of autonomous drones for smart warehouse applications (Image tiero / iStockPhoto)

Kerry Logistics will next week hold its first hackathon in Hong Kong. The 24-hour event will see teams competing to develop the fastest and most accurate autonomous drones for capturing warehouse information.

During the free event, which commences on February 23, teams of three to five members will use a combination of robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build applications for an autonomous drone.

These applications must teach the drone how to follow the best flight path in a warehouse in order to maximize efficiency and ensure accuracy, and must extract information from the videos the drone captures.

Professional mentors and technology partners will host workshops at the event providing guidance on manoeuvring and programming the drones.

“Automation is becoming an indispensable part of the logistics industry,” Kerry Logistics deputy managing director of integrated logistics Samuel Lau said.

“The Hackathon, the first one we organize in Hong Kong, not only exemplifies the continuous efforts Kerry Logistics makes to adopt innovations, but also gives a glimpse of a career in the logistics industry to young technology enthusiasts.”

Teams interested in joining the hackathon can apply here.


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