Phones were the most forgotten items on Ubers in HK in 2018

Uber's Lost and Found Index for Hong Kong shows that phone are the most common items left behind by passengers (Image Uber)

Uber has introduced the Hong Kong edition of its Lost & Found Index, a snapshot of Hong Kong riders' most commonly forgotten items in 2018.

The inaugural index shows that the most commonly forgotten item on an Uber ride is a user's phone. The iPhone is the most forgotten brand, followed by Samsung and then Xiaomi or LG phones.

Phones are followed on the top 10 list by clothing, bags and backpacks, umbrellas, and bank and ID cards. Rounding out the list are eye glasses, wallets, headphones, bottles, and keys.

Meanwhile the most unexpected lost items in Hong Kong included crutches, a shopping trolley, a baby carrier, a diamond ring, a dehumidifier and a Japanese passport.

Ranked by value, the top lost luxury items include an LV purse, a Gucci jacket, an LV scarf, a Gucci wallet and Stuart Weizman heels.

The statistics show that Uber riders are most forgetful on Friday and Saturday, and during the evening between 6pm and 8pm. The items most likely to be forgotten vary by day, with riders most likely to forget their phones on Sundays, their bank or ID cards on Saturdays and computers or tablets on Mondays.

Uber offers a Lost and Found feature that can be found in the “your trips” tab of its ride hailing app. It can be used to contact the driver and arrange a pickup to retrieve the item if it is found. If a user has lost his or her phone, Uber allows for a friend's number to be entered instead.


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