Robotou launches service robot platform in HK

Robotou has launched its service robot operating platform in Hong Kong (Image Robotou)

The world's first service robot operating platform Robotou has been officially launched in Hong Kong.

Robotou is rolling out a blockchain-enabled service robot ecosystem to address various labor shortage problems for service sectors of developed markets.

The company was founded by professionals from the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and financial investments in the United States, Canada, China and Singapore.

Robotou is involved in a strategic partnership with Higgs Dynamics (Zhuhai) Company, which was founded by professionals in the service robot industry, and focuses the efforts in developing the technology, products and services of robots.

So far the platform is being used to provide catering service robots from Higgs Dynamics for Zither Food & Beverage Limited's Chinese restaurant Zither Garden.

Preliminary construction of the Robotou platform is expected to be finished within the year. The companies are aiming to have 3,000 service robots of all types online covering services for more than 3 million people by this time and with 300,000 active users.

Within five years, Robotou is targeting having 100,000 robots online covering services for a population of more than 100 million, with 10 million active users.

“We choose Hong Kong to first launch the Robotou project as Hong Kong is an international metropolis with diverse markets and is very opened for new innovative technologies,” Robotou COO Charles Tang said.

“Facing the labor shortage issue brought by the aging population in Hong Kong and other developed areas, robots might to some extent solve the problems. Currently, robots cannot compare to human, but they are very suitable for repetitive and labor-intensive work. We will be focusing on the service sector as billions of US dollars-worth of market would be created by contributing to even 1% to the industry’s market share.”

Different merchants like restaurants, hotels, and offices need unique customized robots for their own industries, according to Tang.

He said Robotou helps merchants to source robotics solutions around the world. The company offers a service robot leasing platform for merchants to rent a robot at several thousand Hong Kong dollars a month. Merchants can also choose to buy a robot.

Robotou will also assist in the customization of robots. “Apart from delivering food to customers, a catering service robot can also be used to display advertisements, recommend food or sell merchandise,” he said.

Tang said under the blockchain-enabled robot ecosystem, all the stakeholders know about the usage and operational data of each robot such as what had a robot done, or which employers had it worked for.

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