SCAD Hong Kong training young game development talent

SCAD Hong Kong believes gaming is reshaping digital communications (Image SCAD Hong Kong)

The Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong (SCAD Hong Kong) is working to help prepare young talent to take advantage of the US$116 billion gaming industry as it evolves to take a more powerful role in day-to-day communications.

The college's interactive design and game development programs are designed to help game developers and interactive designers revolutionize digital media.

According to the college's Professor Wan Chiu, gaming has emerged as a communications tool rather than just a means of entertainment.

“It’s an ever-growing field,” he said. “You can compose and read an email, but how do you keep people engaged? It’s all based on interactivity, and our job is to provide that experience and exchange.”

Social media platforms have adopted game-like mechanics to improve engagement with consumers, while virtual and augmented reality technologies are gaining increased traction in the enterprise and the education sector, Chiu said.

SCAD's interactive design and game development programs provide students access to state-of-the-art resources and technology, including virtual reality, game development engine kits and the tools to build hit video games, advanced websites, and immersive reality experiences.

For example, the college offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in User Experience Design, developed in collaboration with Google, which aims to ensure graduating user experience designers can offer multi-disciplinary solutions to reinvent how companies connect with consumers.


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