Services are expected to get up to 66% revenue share of the US$39 billion global unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) market in 2019

Network operators are underestimating the complexities and ineffectiveness of many of the use-cases and deployment scenarios proposed

A robot called HoneyBot can fool bad actors into believing they have compromised an IoT device and send alerts of the attack to hasten defensive response

Microsoft says it will spend US$5b over 4 years on IoT - perhaps on products, infrastructure or acquiring IoT vendors - but it's not clear yet where the…

Cisco is separating the operating system and applications from the underlying hardware, and is making it possible to host apps on certain switches and routers

Cobham Wireless has installed a TETRA-based critical communications system for Beijing's New Airport metro line

Superloop owns and operates 640 km of carrier-grade metropolitan fiber networks in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong

Corporate spending to protect internet of things devices will be driven to a large extent by regulatory requirements

IDC expects total spending on mobility hardware, software and services to grow 5.3% in 2018 to surpass $540.7b

China Mobile HK has launched a new open lab for partners to explore and develop use cases for cloud, 5G and IoT technologies