The number of sensitive records compromised in data breaches fell by more than a third during 2018, according to a new report

Microsoft has removed eight applications from its app store for Windows that were mining Monero cryptocurrency without users' knowledge

Check Point's 2019 Security Report shows significant growth in complex attacks designed to stay below the radar of enterprise security teams

The CMO of Huawei's Wireless Network product line said that scrutiny is welcome as long as it's factual

Cisco has announced it will advocate for common elements in privacy legislation around the world

A new report finds there have been a low number of fines handed out relative to the number of reported GDPR breaches

The number of data breach notifications and privacy-related complaints both grew by double digits in 2018, according to the PCPD's new annual report

Apple has prevented Google and Facebook from using its enterprise certificates after discovering the companies were using them to gather data

A new variant of the Ursnif Trojan can deploy GandCrab ransomware through Microsoft Word macros