The biggest ransomware attacks illustrate how this nasty genre of attack software has grown from a curiosity and annoyance to a major crisis

A honeypot is a system designed to lure hackers into revealing their origins and techniques, and they're used by security researchers and corporate IT…

Microsoft has warned that without regulation, facial recognition technology could usher in a dystopian future

Using separate add-ons for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, Microsoft has connected those browsers with Windows 10's advanced security technology

As many as a million Asus PC users have downloaded a malware infected version of the Asus Live Update utility

Cisco has warned of high-priority SIP security vulnerabilities in its 8800 and 7800 series IP business phones

Facebook confirmed hundreds of millions of user passwords were being stored in a “readable format” on its servers, accessible to internal employees

Experts believe current public key encryption could be vulnerable to being broken by quantum computing