Recent research found that Asia-Pacific is experiencing the highest shortage of skilled security professionals globally

Cloud-Native Application Bundles project offers a standard way to define complex, containerized applications for a variety of environments

Google Cloud has on-boarded more than 100 new SaaS partners over the past four months

Chinese free internet access provide LinkSure Network expects to launch the first of 272 planned internet-providing satellites into orbit next year

AWS is taking hybrid cloud more seriously through its partnership with VMware and a new product called Outposts

More than 70% of APAC companies have fully complied with PCI DSS, but globally more companies are failing compliance assessments for the first time in six years

Seizing the Transformational Opportunities in the API Economy examined the API impact, how it is about to change the financial services industry (FSI) in Hong…

AWS has launched a range of new machine learning services including AWS-optimized versions of TensorFlow