Application developers most in-demand IT workers in HK

Application developers most in-demand IT workers in HK

Application developers most in-demand IT workers in HKApplication developers are the most in-demand category of IT workers in Hong Kong, but project managers and business analysts command the highest salaries, according to research from Randstad.

A study into the most in-demand IT jobs in Hong Kong shows that IT development specialists top the list. After application developers, DevOps professionals and mobile developers are the second and third most sought after category respectively.

But while project management and business analyst specialists are only the fourth most sought after category, they can also expect to earn the most – HK$50,000 to HK$120,000 per month excluding bonuses.

This compares to a maximum of HK$65,000 for DevOps specialists, the most well-paid category of IT development professionals.

As more companies adopt cloud computing, cloud specialists and engineers are also becoming highly sought after, taking the fifth position on Randstad's list. This is followed by system engineers (6th) and data scientists or analysts (7th).

Scrum masters - facilitators within agile development teams – made the list at number eight. Randstad said research shows that 58% of technology teams across Hong Kong have adopted Scrum as their agile implementation methodology of choice, and this rises to 75% if you include hybrid approaches incorporating components of Scrum.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers came in ninth on the list, with Randstad noting that any respectable consumer-facing company will always demand experienced designers to help continually improve the customer experience.

Finally, despite the growing attention being paid to cyber security, security and technology risk specialists placed a relatively low tenth on the list of the most in-demand professionals.

In  terms of contracting jobs, the top five positions are systems engineering, network engineering, desktop and helpdesk support, web developers, and project managers.

Recent research from the the HKCS and CTgoodjobs indicates that there is a significant gap between the expectations of Hong Kong employers and IT talent in terms of factors including salaries as well as benefits and the nature of jobs.

Most in-demand IT professionals

Expected base monthly salary

Application developers




Mobile developers


Project management/business analysts


Cloud specialists/engineers


System engineers


Data scientists and analysts


Scrum masters


UI/UX designers


Cyber security/technology risk


Source: Randstad

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