ISACA expands into China

The Hong Kong Chapter of ISACA said Tuesday it has expanded to include 1,700 members from mainland China, bringing its total membership to 3,500 professionals.
To reflect its expansion into China, the local chapter said it now has a new name: ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter. According to ISACA in a statement, it has 86,000 IT governance professionals as members worldwide.
The chapter said it's also restructuring its board of directors to enhance the development of exchange and education opportunities among industry professionals, academia and business communities in Hong Kong and the mainland.
“Sound alignment of business objectives and IT goals is undeniably a cornerstone of success for large and small businesses alike in today’s information age and global marketplace," said Vincent Chan, president, ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter. "Therefore, our organizational and title change, as well as expansion in China, is a step we must take to fulfill our commitment to helping enterprises in the region grow.”
The ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter said it will have representative committees in a number of mainland Chinese regions, including China South (Shenzhen), China Central (Shanghai) and China North (Beijing), based on their concentration of existing and potential members as well as outreach opportunities.
These regions are now administered by a number of regional committee members under the directorship of board members from Hong Kong, said ISACA, adding that with future growth in membership and organizational experience, these regional committees will evolve into full-scale chapters with their own boards of directors and presidents.
According to ISACA, it's a strategic partner of the China National Audit Office, the Nanjing Audit University and the China Banking Regulatory Commission. As part of its China expansion plan, ISACA said it will continue to develop partnership opportunities to cultivate an even better environment for exchange and implementation of best business-IT alignment practices.

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