China's LinkSure plans to offer free satellite Wi-Fi worldwide

China's LinkSure Network has revealed plans to launch satellite-based Wi-Fi services (Image 3DSculptor / iStockPhoto)

Chinese free internet access provider LinkSure Network has revealed a goal of providing free satellite-based Wi-Fi globally by 2026.

The company plans to invest 3 billion yuan ($431.1 million) to send 272 satellites into space for the Wi-F project, China Daily reported.  The first satellite is due to launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China's Gansu province next year.

LinkSure Network intends to use this satellite network to offer free internet connections to people worldwide, with a particular focus on users in underdeveloped areas or rough terrain.

LinkSure Network aims to generate revenue from the service from high-end users and customers in areas that terrestrial networks are unable to reach. The company has revealed it is very likely to spin the satellite project off into an independent business in the future.

The operator is joining a growing number of Chinese companies flocking to China's space industry to take advantage of the government's support for growing the sector.

According to the report, Alibaba Group launched a statellite last month to support its Singles Day shopping event, while startup COMMSAT will send seven satellites into orbit this month to support IoT applications.

First published in TelecomAsia


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