CMHK, Sino Group hold 5G experience showcase

CMHK and Sino Group have held an in-mall 5G experience showcase (Image CMHK)

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and property company Sino Group have jointly held what they are calling Hong Kong's first in-mall 5G experience showcase at the Olympian City 2 mall.

The Future is Now 5G Experience Showcase, which was held over four days ending yesterday, comprised six experience zones intended to introduce ad demonstrate 5G technology.

These zones were based around concepts including autonomous vehicles, smart glasses and a machine that purports to be unbeatable at janken (also known as rock paper scissors) by using 5G leased lines and a sensory system to detect gestures as they are thrown.

Other zones highlight the speed improvement between 4G and 5G, the potential of 5G technology in smart city development and a start-up exhibition based on IoT technology.

“Out of Hong Kong's many mobile carriers, CMHK is the first network provider to receive the 5G trial permit, and has succeeded in engineering Hong Kong's first end-to-end 5G network testing as well as the first Commercial Equipment Field-Testing of 28GHz 5G base stations,” CMHK chairman Dr Li Feng said.

“In the future, CMHK will continue to adhere to the concept of '4G changes lives, 5G changes society' by presenting "5G+ Project" in three agendas: firstly, to complement the existing 4G network with 5G infrastructure; to promote 5G with new networking technology; and develop more comprehensive 5G ecosystems to maximize the value of 5G.'

First published in TelecomAsia


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