HKT, Huawei to deploy mobile network for SCL train line

HKT and Huwaei are deploying mobile architecture for the new SCL MTR line (Image winhorse / iStockPhoto)

HKT and Chinese telecoms vendor Huawei have announced plans to deploy Hong Kong's first fully fiber based mobile network architecture on the under-construction Shatin to Central Link MTR line.

The 17km SCL metro line will span 17km and have a total of 10 train stations. HKT is constructing the indoor network for the SCL as the lead operator, and this infrastructure will be shared by all Hong Kong's mobile operators.

The solution being deployed is based on Huawei's LampSite Sharing platform, which is designed to allow multiple operators to shrae a common indoor network, co-deploying radio headends.

The all-fiber solution will also lay the foundation for a future upgrade to 5G over the 3.5-GHz frequency band without the need for additional cabling.

"We are committed to providing users with high speed MMB service and wide network coverage for the best possible user experience,” HKT Engineering head of strategic wireless technology and core networks Dr Henry Wog said.

“Large public venues and locations such as metro stations and lines, shopping malls, airport, etc. demand a large capacity to meet the diversified service requirements, creating the need for onward evolution into 5G for technological and economic reasons. Huawei's digital network sharing solution perfectly meets such requirements in many ways."


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