PCCW Global launches network-as-a-service for MS Azure

Network in Hong Kong (source: iStock Photo)

Network in Hong Kong (source: iStock Photo)PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, has launched the Online Cloud Connect providing connectivity to Microsoft Azure.

The use of this network-as-a-service extends a customer's MPLS network service to both Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, benefiting them by providing a service which is isolated from the public internet with improved and predictable performance and vastly reduced latency.

Leveraging the capabilities of PCCW Global's software-defined network (SDN), enterprises and institutions that use the Online Cloud Connect service can gain flexibility, scalability, reliable performance and control over their connectivity to the cloud to fit their requirements at any given time.

"Through an intuitive, easy to manage online service portal, our MPLS customers can now establish their own private connection to Microsoft Azure very easily and conveniently," said Jordick Wong, senior vice president, product and vendor management, PCCW Global.

Online ordering, automatic provisioning

"The Online Cloud Connect service portal offers online ordering and automatic provisioning together with flexible subscription packages starting from as little as a one-hour timeslot. Customers can subscribe to the bandwidth they require from a range of 50 to 1,000 Mbps at the point of demand, and pay as they go without any human interaction being required," Wong said.

Moving forward, the Online Cloud Connect service is in the process of further extending its online ordering and automatic provisioning capabilities to include other major public cloud service providers.