Thinxtra closer to launch of HK-wide IoT network

Thinxtra closer to launch of HK-wide IoT network

Thinxtra closer to launch of HK-wide IoT networkThinxtra, the exclusive operator for the Sigfox internet of things (IoT) network for Hong Kong, has launched with plans to deploy the low-power wide area (LPWA) network territory-wide.

Sigfox is an LPWA network that now covers 37 countries and territories. It has been designed to provide low energy consumption and long range connectivity to IoT devices that do not require large bandwidth.

Thinxtra plans to deploy a total of 100 base stations by June 2018 to provide connectivity throughout Hong Kong. The company is the exclusive Sigfox provider for Hong Kong, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The first Sigfox base stations and antennas were deployed at HKSTP in mid-August to create an open IoT network for tenant companies engaged in IoT research and development.

The company is also working with local startups and other partners to create a strong Hong Kong IoT ecosysem, and is working closely with HKSTP on R&D as well as the design of devices, sensors and services for the network.

“With strong government support for the growth of the IoT and smart city industries, Hong Kong has the potential to be a leader in the global IoT revolution,” Thinxtra CEO Loic Barancourt said.

“A thriving innovation and incubation environment and a cost-effective LPWA network are essential to making this vision a reality.”

The company has started IoT trials or discussions with companies in different sectors in Hong Kong.

"Some examples include the use of sensors to detect air quality at Science Park and to monitor the assets of connected bikes in Shatin area," said Anthony Lai, ecosystem manager at Thinxtra.

According to Lai, Thinxtra participated in the HKSTP Sensor Hub. Data collected from sensors will be connected to HKSTP Data Studio for data sharing and analysis.