The 8th FinTech Innovation Forum Hong Kong
23 October, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Supported by Fintech Innovation - the region's premier finance technology publication dedicated to the banking, financial services and insurance sector, the forum will focus on how technology is shaping financial services and the innovations, strategies and business models currently in vogue.
With over 150 senior finance leaders and executives expected, this event will explore the issues that arise when finance and technology merge.


Build a Secure Cyberspace 2018 "Stay Smart, Keep Cyber Scam Away" Seminar cum Video Ad Contest Award Ceremony
20 September, 2018 | HKPC Building | HKCERT, OGCIO & HKPF

Nowadays, cyber threats like fraudulent websites and phishing emails are reported from time to time. In order to avoid falling victim to these cyber attacks, the awareness and measures to safeguard from these threats are very important. The seminar will invite information security experts to share their experiences on this subject.  The topic will focus on raising awareness of phishing scams within the organization, strengthening the network security of the organization, improving the security of the organization's website, and mobile security issues. The public citizen can understand the new trend of phishing and ways to protect their home Internet of things (IoT) and avoid becoming a part of botnet. (This seminar will be conducted in Cantonese)

The 9th Data & Cloud Tech Summit
19 - 20 September, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Understanding the current disruptive trends, in relation to the future needs of creating incremental business value is the key to survive and grow. Agility in re-inventing the processes, integrating new technologies and finding faster routes to markets will hence characterize the successfully transforming enterprises.

Questex Asia’s Data & Cloud Tech Summit will capture these disruptive trends for enterprises from the two core technologies – analytics and cloudification – and present learning from POCs and ROI from enterprises who have successfully straddled the integration of data and cloud.

JOS Create.ai: AI, for real Seminar
31 August, 2018 | JOS Office | JOS

From Cognitive Concepts to AI Reality
AI is here; It is time to go beyond concepts and make AI a reality for your business. Properly done, it promises better operational efficiency, unearths new revenue streams, empower accurate decisions in real time, and takes over boring tasks.

JOS Create.ai combines latest knowledge with AI solutions that real-world problems. The first workshop, themed AI, for Real, gives an important road map for your business to navigate the various AI concepts solutions and start your AI journey with the right step.

Total Security Conference 2018 Hong Kong
May 10, 2018 (Thur) | The Mira Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Even though significant strides have been attempted in boosting cybersecurity, enterprises often find the efforts inadequate when there are no coordinated knowledge sharing, developing regulations, enforcing compliance and continuing with skills upgrade.
Total Security Conference in 2018 will provide an ideal platform to all stakeholders to understand from each other, in a practical case study format.

8th CIO Leadership Forum
March 6-7, 2018 | The Mira Hong Kong | Questex Asia

The success in such fast-changing environment largely depends on how CIOs can collaborate with stakeholders, positively transform digital adaptation and be innovative.

CIO Leadership Forum 2018 will present critical trends for CIOs on how global enterprises are innovating, collaborating and being agile.