Total Security Conference 2019 Hong Kong
May 9, 2019 (Thur) | Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

The 4th Annual Total Security Conference Hong Kong will provide a comprehensive coverage on new threats and challenges for critical enterprise assets, emerging from three new approaches: strategic trends such as digital transformation, cloudification, XaaS, and WAN; tactical trends such as mobility, blockchain, web security, app security, and ecommerce issues; and new threat vectors in phishing, ransomware, malware, DDoS etc.


Internet Economy Summit 2019
April 15-16, 2019 | Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre | Cyberport

The Internet Economy Summit gathers top-notch global and local tech heavyweights to draw insights on how today’s businesses can leverage data-driven innovations to capitalise on the unprecedented opportunities in the connected world. The Summit offers a vision into the digital future with disruptive influence in areas of fintech, virtual marketplaces, internet of things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, enterprise 4.0 and more.

9th CIO Leadership Forum
March 6, 2019 | The Mira Hong Kong | Questex Asia

At its 9th Annual Year, CIO Leadership Forum is the longest running, widely attended forum for the region’s top chief information executives.
The upcoming event will discuss and deliberate on some of the most critical challenges revolving around IT leaders and professionals today on CIOs leading the digital business by aligning and empowering resources and people with ideal innovation in a collaborative manner.
While acquiring and integrating technology has largely been converted into a financing issue, today’s successful CIOs are tasked with understanding the technology trends, identifying suitable resources, creating an innovative culture and aligning them in a way to create an agile enterprise, assisting the enterprise to maximize value creation.
Join over 180+ CIOs, IT Directors, CTOs, CISOs, VP’s, Heads and Directors of Digital Transformation, Data & Security, Analytics, at the 9th CIO Leadership Forum and follow the analytical journey of a successful CIO.

Asia Smart App Awards 2018/2019
Submission deadline:February 28, 2019 | :Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

To recognise the excellence of innovative smart app development and provide a platform for top smart app professionals in the region to meet, share, collaborate and learn from each other, Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA) follows up on the successful Asia Smart Apps Contests to organise the Asia Smart App Awards 2018/2019. By joining forces with the co-organisers from the Mainland, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, WTIA will bring this timely event to further facilitate the growth of the burgeoning smart app sector in Asia.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Living Award
18 January, 2019 | HKITF

Official call for entries: 2018.11.23

Deadline for enrollment: 2019.01.18

Adjudication: 2019.01.30 – 2019.03.05

Categories’ Awards Presentation Ceremonies: Late March - 2019.04.04

Awards Presentation Ceremony: 2019.04.04

There will be a Participants’ Briefing short after the closing of the application submission.  Areas of attention for applicants will be highlighted in the Briefing.  Past Judges/Assessors and winner will be invited to share their views and experiences.

JOS Data Conference 2018
29 November, 2018 | The Mira Hong Kong | JOS

Time to Act!
Are you tired of people just talking about big data? We are.

So, we share how you can do it – we can because we’ve worked on over 40 big data and AI projects across different industries.

In just 3 hours, we will share how businesses made smarter decisions by visualizing the data, how to properly architect an infrastructure fit for Big Data operations, Starbucks’ war story on working with data and tips on data management and security.
And more:

  • Discover how to recycle and add value to legacy data with machine-learning
  • Hear on how to translate business objectives into big data strategy and ensure alignment
  • Get tips on reducing manual work with Robotic Process Automation
CDO Innovation Summit 2018
28 November, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Questex Asia’s Chief Digital Officer Innovation Summit running on 28 November 2018, in Hong Kong, will bring together 150+ senior executives from major enterprises of the region – to discuss how some of the successful regional CDOs are handling these expectations and how they have facilitated their organizations’ digital transformation.

AI for Enterprises Asia
21 November, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Since the change is inevitable and AI disruptions is increasing its impact exponentially and geometrically, enterprises now face with one single question: are we doing enough to plan, align & integrate AI effectively or are we left behind?

The 8th FinTech Innovation Forum Hong Kong
23 October, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Supported by Fintech Innovation - the region's premier finance technology publication dedicated to the banking, financial services and insurance sector, the forum will focus on how technology is shaping financial services and the innovations, strategies and business models currently in vogue.
With over 150 senior finance leaders and executives expected, this event will explore the issues that arise when finance and technology merge.

Build a Secure Cyberspace 2018 "Stay Smart, Keep Cyber Scam Away" Seminar cum Video Ad Contest Award Ceremony
20 September, 2018 | HKPC Building | HKCERT, OGCIO & HKPF

Nowadays, cyber threats like fraudulent websites and phishing emails are reported from time to time. In order to avoid falling victim to these cyber attacks, the awareness and measures to safeguard from these threats are very important. The seminar will invite information security experts to share their experiences on this subject.  The topic will focus on raising awareness of phishing scams within the organization, strengthening the network security of the organization, improving the security of the organization's website, and mobile security issues. The public citizen can understand the new trend of phishing and ways to protect their home Internet of things (IoT) and avoid becoming a part of botnet. (This seminar will be conducted in Cantonese)

The 9th Data & Cloud Tech Summit
19 - 20 September, 2018 | The Mira, Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Understanding the current disruptive trends, in relation to the future needs of creating incremental business value is the key to survive and grow. Agility in re-inventing the processes, integrating new technologies and finding faster routes to markets will hence characterize the successfully transforming enterprises.

Questex Asia’s Data & Cloud Tech Summit will capture these disruptive trends for enterprises from the two core technologies – analytics and cloudification – and present learning from POCs and ROI from enterprises who have successfully straddled the integration of data and cloud.

Total Security Conference 2018 Hong Kong
May 10, 2018 (Thur) | The Mira Hong Kong | Questex Asia

Even though significant strides have been attempted in boosting cybersecurity, enterprises often find the efforts inadequate when there are no coordinated knowledge sharing, developing regulations, enforcing compliance and continuing with skills upgrade.
Total Security Conference in 2018 will provide an ideal platform to all stakeholders to understand from each other, in a practical case study format.

8th CIO Leadership Forum
March 6-7, 2018 | The Mira Hong Kong | Questex Asia

The success in such fast-changing environment largely depends on how CIOs can collaborate with stakeholders, positively transform digital adaptation and be innovative.

CIO Leadership Forum 2018 will present critical trends for CIOs on how global enterprises are innovating, collaborating and being agile.