Securing microservice APIs
CA Technologies

There are a number of techniques for controlling access to web APIs in a microservice architecture, including network controls, cryptographic methods, and platform-based capabilities. This paper proposes an API access control model that can be implemented on any one platform or across multiple platforms in order to provide cohesive security over a network of microservices.

Microservice architecture for the enterprise
CA Technologies

In this document, we’ll cover how your organization can improve availability and system safety while speeding up and scaling software delivery using a microservice architecture.

An architect's guide to microservices
CA Technologies

Faced with the application economy, many enterprises must rebuild applications that need to quickly adapt to changing needs; but the traditional way of rolling out (and supporting) large applications just isn’t sufficient. This paper describes how microservices can provide the agility enterprises need to meet the needs of the app economy.

8 considerations when choosing your ERP system

Whether you’re a small organization or a multinational with offices on five continents, your ERP system has the potential to make life easier and more productive for you and your employees—if you choose the right system. Before you start shopping for an ERP system, it’s worth agreeing on your organization’s ERP strategy. Your ERP strategy will inform the choice of modules, infrastructure requirements and other elements of your ERP implementation, and should be based on your business objectives.

The factory of the future

It’s no great surprise that technologies and trends are having a profound impact on manufacturing all around the globe. In this document, we’ll explain how to deal with and benefit from them. We’ll highlight life- and business-changing megatrends with new technological tools that ultimately enable you to improve efficiency and reduce cost to keep you competitive.

Security eReport 2018
by: Computerworld Hong Kong | May 2018

Security remains one of the fastest-evolving, complex areas of information technology. It is also a critical concern for most enterprises in Hong Kong. The increased connectivity brought about by the digital economy has only exacerbated the threats particularly cyber related.

Tasked with the protection of not only company information but customer data, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and his team must work relentlessly to safeguard what is most valuable to enterprises – data.

About the HP Sure View integrated privacy screen
HP Inc.

According to Pew Research Center's 2014 report Technology's Impact on Workers, almost 60 percent of employees take their work outside office walls. HP Sure View integrated privacy screen helps users work confidently from any location without fear of data on the screen being exposed to prying eyes.

About HP WidePage printing technology
HP Inc.

HP PageWide Technology leverages the proven, advanced technology developed for HP’s multimillion-dollar Web Press digital printers, and delivers a new class of desktop printers and MFPs—reinventing the affordability and performance of business printing.

Edge IT: the engine powering digital transformation
Equinix | Apr 2018

This IDC Perspective provides business leaders and CIOs with a road map to develop expertise in assessing, deploying, and managing information technology at increasingly "smart" edge locations. Your ability to deliver IT at the edge will be the key to boosting business velocity, enabling dynamic business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility.

Solving critical digital business challenges through interconnection
Equinix | Apr 2018

This white paper seeks to educate business leadership on the rapid emergence and impacts of digital disruption and the importance of re-architecting IT infrastructure in response; on how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) strategy empowers businesses to adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to create new value and growth.