Asian telcos launch global cloud DR hub in Hong Kong

Asian telcos launch global cloud DR hub in Hong Kong

Asian telcos launch global cloud DR hub in Hong KongHong Kong-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions provider Bizconline yesterday joined forces with telcos and system integrators in the Asia region to launch the "Global Cloud DR Hub" in Hong Kong.

The Global Cloud DR Hub was formed with Bizconline inking partnerships with five Asia-based telcos and data center services providers: China Mobile International, Towngas Telecom, Diyixian, JOS and Information Services International-Dentsu (Hong Kong); and two local system integrators (SIs), Electronic Business Solutions (EBS) and Island. The initiative is supported by Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation (HKAECF) and United Nations Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance.

These telcos and data center services providers, in providing cloud infrastructure services to enterprise customers either directly or through these SI partners, provide disaster recovery services with data backup to their Hong Kong sites, have all adopted Bizconline's AutoDrill, a daily disaster recovery (DR) testing service.

"Hong Kong has a world-leading, low-cost and reliable network infrastructure, stable power supply, professionals and an established legal system. All these provide data protection to enterprises, investors and cross-country businesses in the areas of IT, law and profession. Hong Kong needs to seize the opportunity to become the Global Cloud DR Hub," said HKAECF Vice President and Secretary-General Witman Hung (pictured, fourth from left).

Guaranteed data recovery in 15 minutes

Lewis Liu, head of IT, Tesco International Sourcing
"Bizconline's DR system has raised our recovery point objective by 60%."
-- Lewis Liu, head of IT, Tesco International Sourcing

Headquartered in Hong Kong, world's third-largest retail sourcing company Tesco International Sourcing (Tesco IS) has 10 branch offices in South East Asia. Its parent company, retail chain Tesco, places stringent requirements of business continuity planning on its subsidiaries like Tesco IS.

"We found that the market lacked a world-class, reliable and cost-efficient disaster recovery solution. At Tesco IS, we asked our business partner Bizconline to develop a cross-country DR solution. Today, Bizconline helps us to create and send our data backup copies from around the world back to Hong Kong on a daily basis," said Lewis Liu (pictured, right), head of IT at Tesco International Sourcing.

"Bizconline's DR system takes just 30 minutes to activate. It has raised our recovery point objective (RPO) by 60%. Each day, the reliability of the backup copies will be audited by AuditDR through AutoDR, guaranteeing the safe use of the DR system," Liu added.

"With our AuditDR service, Bizconline guarantees the recovery of data. This is because our service is backup by daily auto drill, and is supported by daily expert audit drill reports. As such, with the backup data, enterprises can safely resume their businesses within 15 minutes," said Alex Li (pictured, fifth from left), founder and CEO of Bizconline.

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